Mijn kijk op de wijk

How can we map out a neighbourhood by foot?

Softening the Playground Study

How can we help schools to sustainably redevelop their playgrounds?

Study trip University of Antwerp

How can we organise a covid-proof study trip?

Stadium Beringen Mine

How can we revive a historic football stadium?

Den Dam 2060

How can we participate in the development of a neighbourhood?

Climate Adaptation Strategy Antwerp

How can we co-create a climate adaptation strategy for a metropolis?

Nieuwkerken Sint Niklaas

How can we create an attractive residential environment for the elderly?

Study Living in Geraardsbergen

How can we set up a municipality-wide conversation about housing?

Parc Schelde Wetteren

How can we bring together the spatial issues and spatial ambitions around the Scheldt?

Antwerp Ringroad Phase 1: East

How can we reconnect two neighborhoods disconnected by a ringroad?

DNA of the village Moorsele

How can we discover the DNA of their village together with residents?

The Kruierie Balen

How can we allow existing and new partners of a library and leisure centre to create a third place?

Complex Project Viaduct Gentbrugge

How can we work towards an integrated vision for the future of the viaduct?

Masterplan VUB

How can we activate local knowledge to design a university campus?

Supervision school projects for City Education in Antwerp

How can we learn from the dialogue between a school, the neighbors and stakeholders?

Gent St-Pieters development pt.2

How can we rethink the area around one of Belgium's busiest train stations?

Train Station Laken

How can we develop a former train station into a socio-cultural hub?

Masterplan Campus Offerlaan

How can we make a masterplan with 6 very different schools and their pupils?

Youth Participation Ninove

How can we involve children in drawing a vision for a new neighbourhood?

Masterplan Heverlee

How can we connect two separated areas in a city?

Summerschool VAi 2017

How can we empower children in shaping their cities?

Study Dry-docks Antwerp

How can we create a new future together for a historic port site?

Policy Plan Kasterlee

How can we look to the future together with the entire community?

Research Focus Environmental Department

How can we co-create a 10-year departmental research focus?

Antwerp Ringroad Phase 2: Parc South

How can we connect and give breathing space to neighborhoods around a ringroad?

Knowledge sharing Strategic Projects

How can we share knowledge about supra-local planning processes?

Playing Fabric Antwerp Dam

How can we formulate a relevant program for sporting and playing in public space?

Dansaert Dreams

How can we rethink a neighbourhood with shop owners?

Participation Herne

How can we redevelop a village centre with its inhabitants?

Study Muide-Meulestede Ghent

How can we co-create a neighbourhood agenda?

Participation Studio

How can we empower municipalities in the art of participation?

Sealevel rising strategy

How can we set up a regional-wide conversation about the rising sea level?

Louisalaan - Naamsepoort

How can we include the needs of neighbours in a masterplan?

Study ABO-axis

How can we rethinking a mobility axis as a lab for urban renewal?

Bovenbouw special

How can we build faster and more sustainably?

Policy Plan Puurs

How can we think long-term about living, working and mobility?


How can we set up an alternative educational programme for city makers?

Urban Development Roeselare

How can we use the redevelopment of a street as a leverage for urban redevelopment?

Blue Boulevard Hasselt

How can we together create an ambition framework for the development of a new neighborhood?

Assessment framework heritage

How can we consider the role of heritage in spatial development?

Masterplan Bijloke Ghent

How can we design a masterplan with 20 cultural organisations?

Make Zaanstad

How can we rethink the approach to participatory area development?


How can we put a region back on the mental map?

Transport Region Kempen

How can we achieve a sustainable mobility shift in Kempen region?

Master Plans Noorderwijk & Morkhoven

How can we build a vision for the future together with villagers?

Complex project 'A New Border'

How can we build a framework for complex regional infrastructure?

City Hall Leuven

How can we transform a city hall into a 'hall for the city'?

Masterplan 2050 UGent

How can we develop a vision for the transition to a sustainable university?

Leader project Shared Farm Roads

How can we avoid conflict situations on agricultural roads?

Urban Renewal Project Otterstraat Turnhout

How can we redevelop a neighbourhood economically and socially?

Expo 2018

How can we collectively curate art in our neighbourhoods?

Masterplan Dilbeek

How can we combine different public programs in a neighborhood?

Energy landscapes OVK-Waas

How can we cooperatively shape the energy transition at a regional level?

Policy Plan Herentals

How can we make a cross-community spatial plan?

Masterplan Lint

How can we densify and integrate social housing in the city?