Motion scans

How can we get people moving in public space?

Behavioral Study 2 - Transport and Facilities

How can we better understand behavioural choices in relation to facilities?

Playing Fabric Leuven

How can we give children a voice in designing their own play environment?

Spatial lessons from the coronapandemic: Trends, scenarios and challenges

How can we understand the spatial impact of Corona in Flemish cities and municipalities from different sectors and learn from it for the future?

Train Station Environments

How can we build better train station environments?

Safety in Public Space

How can we design safe public space?

HEIM - living in diversity

How can we support integration by design?

Turnhoutsebaan Antwerp

How can we unveil the different faces of a much-discussed urban road?

Gent St-Pieters development pt.2

How can we rethink the area around one of Belgium's busiest train stations?

Behavioral Study 3 - Living Influencers

How can we influence the living behaviour in Flanders?

Side Roads Liedekerke

How can we develop socio-spatial strategies for a dense fabric?

Behavioral Study 1 - Compact living

How can we live more compact in Flanders?

Anticipatory repurposing

How can we anticipate demand for space?

Urban Forests

How can we bridge the gap between forestry and urban planning?

Leader project Shared Farm Roads

How can we avoid conflict situations on agricultural roads?

Positive energy districts

How can we manage uncertainty in positive energy district design?

Playing Fabric Antwerp Dam

How can we formulate a relevant program for sporting and playing in public space?

Mijn kijk op de wijk

How can we map out a neighbourhood by foot?

Antwerp Ringroad Phase 1: East

How can we reconnect two neighborhoods disconnected by a ringroad?

Social Neighbourhoods

How can we strengthen social cohesion in neighbourhoods?

Antwerp Ringroad Phase 2: Parc South

How can we connect and give breathing space to neighborhoods around a ringroad?

The social value of heritage

How can we capture the social value of heritage?